How to Make your House Look Expensive on a Budget I 10 Home Styling Tips

In this post, I will talk  about how to give your home a more luxurious and high end look without investing a fortune. Well, for an expensive and high end look of your home, you do not need to change everything, rather you can just mix n match a few things or maybe you have to buy a few. So without stretching intro too much , let’s get started and see  few of the ideas to make your home look more inviting and expensive. I love decorating my home like all of you. I keep on adding new things to give some new vibes to my home. Now is the question that you all are expert in decorating your home then what new things I m going to tell you. Well, I am going to give you few tips by which you can give your home an upscale and expensive look.

10 easy tips to make your home look high end and luxurious


To make your home look more high end you need to consider all aspects of the design from the floor to the wall to the ceiling. There is no surface left untreated.  You will want to have a visual language from the pattern on your floors to the color of your walls and finally what’s happening in the ceiling. Never neglect the ceiling and just leave it plain old white unless that was your intention. You can always tint the ceiling with the color that’s a little bit lighter than the walls.



My first tip would be to play with the symmetry. Like if you have side tables on either side of  your bed then keep table lamps on both sides. Don’t do like one side putting a table lamp and something else on the other side. It will not compliment your entire look.

symmetry in home decor


Same should be done with the sofa. Try to arrange them in symmetry. Add some accent chair with your sofa to give your living room a more high end look. Rule would be the same with your accent chairs as well. Don’t add only one accent chair. Add 2 chairs to complete your symmetry. 



Next tip which can give your home an instant luxurious transformation is adding wallpaper. There is nothing that screams high end luxe like a room that is completely wall covered from wall to wall.10 easy tips to make your home look high end and luxurious wallpaper

Wallpapers give an uplift to your room. You can choose any of the wallpaper as per your taste and the requirement of your room. I mean if you are looking for wall to wall wallpaper, then choose a neutral and beautiful tone which just has some texture on it and when the light hits, it has a really faint glimmer. Whenever you visit any restaurant, bar or hotel and you see beautiful textured walls all over there that gives the place an instant sophisticated, elegant, cozy and very high end look, this is the power of wallpaper. But if you can’t afford wallpaper for your entire room then choose any focal wall. It will also help in enhancing the look of your entire room.


Next tip which will give your home a more luxurious and high end look that is for sure the strategic lighting. Now comes the question what is strategic lighting. Well strategic lighting means do not focus to have a lot of lightings but focus on few highlighting areas. Normally we have head lights or recess lightings in our living area.

10 easy tips to make your home look high end and luxurious

To give your home more luxe feel, add some chandelier or accent lighting  with your recess lightings. You can add pendant lights in your dining area which are very much in trend nowadays. If you have space constraint then you can use sconces. You can also have wall mount lightings. Sconces and wall mount lightings are the same. You can add  Sconces in your bedroom if you don’t have the space for keeping bed side tables. These are very good for late night reading without disturbing others. But if you have space for side tables then use table lamps or you can even use floor lamps. You can keep this look as per your convenience- traditional or modern. You can add some lights over your pictures in your gallery or on your staircase. These lights will highlight your pictures prominently.



Creating multiple seating groups also makes your home feel cozier. Try to create smaller seating groups and little zones based on conversation areas you want to design. Now you must be thinking what seating area I’m talking about? Well I know we all have a seating area in our living room. But that is not sufficient. Now the question is what is the seating group?

multiple seating groups in home decor

It could be a nice club chair with an accent table which could be your favorite reading space or 2 chairs facing each other right after a window or 2 accent chairs with your sectional sofa. When you create different seating groups in your home, it allows users multiple ways to enjoy the space and makes your home more custom and well designed.


Another way to give your home a more high end look is to give architectural detailing like molding and trim work. This includes everything like base molding, crown molding, beautiful casing around your door.

10 easy tips to make your home look high end and luxurious

10 easy tips to make your home look high end and luxurious

Panel molding on the walls, wainscoting chair railing, anything that you can apply to the surface to give it a cosmetic facelift. You can see the difference in any room before and after the molding and trim work. This work can give sudden life, texture and visual interest to any room and makes it very high end.


Nothing screams well like a statement art piece. I really love  huge piece of modern art work that anchors one entire space. Visually a big statement art piece just screams expensive. 

huge art work


Moving on to the bedroom you absolutely need to get rid of those printed and dark coloured bedsheets which you generally use. Those bedsheets never give a luxurious feel. Tell me when was the last time you travelled anywhere and stayed in any hotel and you saw any printed sheets on the bed. They are always crisp plain white, bright or in some neutral tone.

satin stripes crocus blue king size bedsheet

Once you are done with your sheets, next you have to layer your bedding. You will start with sheets and then some matching pillows. You can even add an accent pillow to give your bedding a more  luxurious look. You can even add a bed runner to give it a more aesthetic look. 


Next tip is to upgrade your hardware. Typical builder grade hardware is not good most of the time. To give your home a high end look try to remove your builder grade hardware and instead of that get some fresh fittings which matches your interiors. If you don’t want to spend too much on that then you can just buy a spray color bottle in either black color or any color of your choice like golden and just do some coating on the handles of your wardrobes and on your window fittings or even on your bathroom fittings. It will surely enhance  the look of your home.


I personally like the concept of beautiful sheer curtains followed by a blackout drapery. You will have the semi privacy you need with the sheer curtains while still allowing the light in the blackout option for full privacy or if you want to darken up your room while watching tv or want to sleep in day time which you can not do without having a blackout.

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Again they do not need to be expensive. You can use blinds as well if you have sun facing windows. I personally do not like blinds because of its high maintenance. High maintenance in context of its cleaning. You need to clean every blind individually which is very time consuming and exhausting. It’s totally a personal choice. I will share the link of my favourite curtain brand. You can check it out in the description box below. 


In order to make your home look more custom and high end you need to ditch some of the builder grade things in your home like instead of having tiles for a few feet in your bathroom, cover the entire wall with tiles to make it more luxurious. Instead of generic stainless steel fittings in the kitchen try spray painting them a modern matte black or golden for a designer finish. Remember it doesn’t take a whole lot of money to make your home look expensive and luxurious. You need some creativity and some of my tips from this video to get you started. After watching this video let me know in the comments which 3 tips you liked the most which you are going to add to your home. 

So this is the wrap of this post. I hope you enjoyed it. 


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