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Hello, we were folks like you looking to simply upgrade our home to look luxurious. After spending days at an upscale hotel on vacations, we wanted the same luxe experience at our home. We tried sheets and other stuff in the market and were surprised to see the skyrocketing prices. We dug down deep and found an interesting insight. The sheets were costly because of the legacy distribution system. We decided to work upon this gap in the market and Homelette was born. Our approach is simple: We want to manufacture and distribute best home stuff which will make your home look luxurious that too at right prices. By cutting out the middlemen such as national distributor, regional distributor, wholesaler and retailer which have no role in the quality, we cut down the costs of our products and pass on the benefit to the end user. Whatever we do, we have 7 Mantras to guide us: - Wow Products: - Our primary concern always remains to launch products which are not just one more on the shelf but the best in the market. End user must have a superior good feeling by using our products. She must be a proud owner of our products. Amazing Customer Experience: - We believe that buying experience should be simple and hassle free. We have done the hard work for you. We are just a call or message away from you. The products come with full satisfaction guarantee. Right from choosing the product to the delivery we try to extend the best customer experience. Vertical integration of our operations enables us to see the whole buying journey of the customer first hand and act accordingly. Efficient Supply Chain: - Did you know that sheets are retailed for 10x the price of its manufacturing cost. By removing the unnecessary costs, we extend the best possible value to you. We are here to eliminate this inefficiency in the system through the revolutionary D2C distribution of our products. By this way we deliver the best value to you. Positive Social Impact: - Our concern has always been the social impact we are making by our activities. We include home stuff from local artisans to support them and help the society to keep the culture alive. We are ethical manufacturers and take care of our employees. Our SEDEX membership is testimony to that. We source our raw material locally and help the community to flourish. Tech & Innovation Driven: - We are technology driven company. We constantly evaluate and implement technologies to enhance our customer service experience. The technology is also embedded in our manufacturing & distribution systems. Design & Tech innovation is the key ingredient in our offerings. We think that technology can be used for the larger benefit of society in a speedy manner. Speed & Agility: - Our customer feedback loop is very short i.e., a few days. We keep track of latest trends in home fashion and launch our products quite fast. We test our products, take feedback, improve or change and then launch. So, we are actually with the trend always. That is why you will find fresh stuff all the time at our stores. We encourage you to visit our stores regularly. Continuous Improvement: - For us being better is a continuous job. We improve, improve, improve and keep on improving our processes, methods, products and services. Our ultimate goal is to be a darling brand for home fashion and that is possible through continuous improvement and innovation, we understand. Happy Shopping! Namita & Rupesh Co-founders of Homelette

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