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I am Rupesh, Founder of Homelett.

Well, what is Homelett?

Homelett is a way to furnish your dream home without spending a fortune.

A while ago, We were shopping for our new home furnishings and décor. I was surprised to know the exorbitant prices of the so called big brands (don’t wanna name them here, you already know. Hint: they have Bollywood King as brand ambassador. I hope now you would be able to guess).

I have to say it with a heavy heart that few big brands are charging at least 3 times the price for the lower or equal quality stuff as ours.

This episode forced me to think and search for a solution to the misery of customers. We did market research and found that prices were high because of an inefficient supply chain with addition of cost at every middle layer player.

Well. How do we save rupees for you?

That’s simple. We directly source our products from the best of the manufacturers, process and send them to you directly. Not middlemen. No markups. Just the right stuff at the right prices.

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Not only you save rupees but also you help in saving this planet with each purchase.

In every sphere of our brand’s life, you will find various sustainability initiatives whether it is eco-friendly products, packaging, recycling of the fabric, planting one tree for every 20 items sold and more.

Our sheets are not good.

Our curtains are not good.

Our home decor stuff is not good. 

Actually these are hell GREAT.



We CARE for our PLANET.



What are you waiting for guys….just buy and CERATE YOUR DREAM HOME.


Oh yeah..I forgot something to mention.

If our products rip or fray, we’ll do what it takes to make it right, within 365 days of your purchase.


Happy Shopping!







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